Saturday, May 2, 2009

Get Away: Part 1

Come... let's go.

Because life seems too crowded these days. Memories have been drowning in thoughts of him of the times that felt good. Come let's go... get away from the past and make a new future.

We are traveling on a bus leaving Seoul and Gyeonggi-do behind to a new part of this land. All the people and noise fades away as we see the green dome mountains.

Going to some place called Mungyeong.
Mungyeong City is medium mountain area which is located in the southeast of Korea and the northwest land of Gyeongsangbuk-do in its local section. It shares a border with Yecheon County to the east, Sangju County to the south, Goesan County of Chungcheongbuk-do to the west, and Jecheon, Chungju and Danyang County of Gyeongsangbuk-do to the north.
Somewhere there in the center of South Korea. Does it matter? It is far away and deep in the country side.

The bus drops us off. My friend (Jennifer) and I wonder just where we are and what direction to go. Surrounded by emerald beauty we ride our way to the center of our interest. But first we take in the area. Farmland and simple structures...not much.

The taxi drops us off near the main town that connects us to the tea bowl festival, the point of our journey. Before we head into the festival grounds we see around us restaurants and such.

Although we were very much interested in getting to see the festival we knew we needed accommodations, so we sought out a place to stay and store our stuff. For now I can't remember what Jennifer called it but the place we stayed at was like a home-stay hotel. A family fixed up their house in a way that let visitors stay there for a short period of time and for a small sum of money.

It was all that was necessary for us. A room, shared bathroom and well located. Quiet, simple and cozy it provided a different space to sleep in where I could clear my head.

Yet before the night would come we made our way back towards the festival grounds. All the way admiring the majestic scenery.
Shops sold souvenirs.

Local specialty was O Mi Ja (Berry tea)...which has been fermented into wine.
Entering the festival we realized we were late to the day's festivities as the tents were closing for the day. But it was a good primer for what we would see the next day. As we walked and walked we came to some pleasurable sights.

This area is known for famous Korean drama recording sites. But beyond that it is also known for it's historical structures and scenic beauty. The festival took place in the Saejae Valley.

This valley that rides over Joryeong Mountain of Baekdudaegan was important place in social, cultural, economical and military aspects as the highest and roughest valley on Youngnamdaero connecting Han River and Nakdong River

Astounding to me most was the geology, which took my breath away.
Hunger set in and we looked around the booths and decided to head back to town for dinner. On the way capturing more moments.

The Korean Flag through time~

Dinner was to be had at a local eatery. We took in the local delicacy of cooked pork, which was scrumptious and filling.

As night fell I could feel the crisp cool air around me and see the dark night sky. It was as if in a poetic sense I was able to feel whole again after what happened. And of all the feelings I felt the most important was recognizing how safe I felt. It felt like time to recognize my journey and appreciate the choices I have made. And so from all the girl talk on the bus, the feeling of being far away and finding peace we tucked ourselves into bed. Morning came and we discovered more, but to know of this you must wait till Part 2. Till then ~

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  1. that kind of accommodation is a minbak 민박 民泊

    from naver hanja
    보통(普通) 살림집에 숙박(宿泊)함

    Mungyeong is also close to Andong, by the way. There is a maskdance festival in Andong from the last week of September to the first week of October

    9th picture from the bottom -> I thought it's natalie portman :)


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